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Welcome Igor Margan!!

The game design of Ominous is built on the following pillars: THE GAME IS FOR EVERYONE, VARIETY & SUPRISE, STORY, STORY & MORE STORY. Because of the last pillar, we proudly present Igor Margan as our new lead writer on Ominous. Welcome Igor!!!

Skeleton Archer

Update on the Skeleton Archer. Still work in progress but its coming up nicely 🙂

Designing a main character

Gowan McDerrick (the main character) Gowan was born on 31st October 1866 in a town called Scarborough on the seashores of North Yorkshire. In his youth, the town was still a respectable port, especially for fish export. His father had a small fleet of fishing boats, and his life seemed as if it had already … Continue reading Designing a main character


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