Game Dev Diary

Fiume o Morte

We started to work on our new game, Fiume o Morte. It is a detective graphic novel adventure game placed in 1920’s Rijeka.

Welcome Igor Margan!!

The game design of Ominous is built on the following pillars: THE GAME IS FOR EVERYONE, VARIETY & SUPRISE, STORY, STORY & MORE STORY. Because of the last pillar, we proudly present Igor Margan as our new lead writer on Ominous. Welcome Igor!!!

Designing a main character

Gowan McDerrick (the main character) Gowan was born on 31st October 1866 in a town called Scarborough on the seashores of North Yorkshire. In his youth, the town was still a respectable port, especially for fish export. His father had a small fleet of fishing boats, and his life seemed as if it had already…

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